"Ketonline supports you in all matters  of nutrition concepts."

Jan Prinzhausen,
Diplom Trophologe

Back in the Stone Ages …

… people had to spend a lot of time for the simple task of getting enough to eat. This meant that there were automatically limits to the cultural, individual and social development of the people back then. When agriculture, animal husbandry and industrialization took over, food became easier to obtain and it became abundant. Suddenly, people had time to develop culture, society and production-simultaneously. In modern society, the possibilities for development are practically unlimited. Based on personal preferences, modern people can choose between climbing the career ladder, becoming a professional athlete, becoming a true family person and/or perfecting their hobbies.

The problem is that all of these goals assume good health. We typically begin to realize just how important health is when we have to fight to get it back. The minute we begin to lose our health, our quality of life, our physical productivity and our happiness simply tend to go downhill. Being sick not only physically hurts. It can also mean serious and painful financial sacrifices. This is a problem that business people -in particular executives- often learn the hard way.

Proper nutrition and exercise are absolutely essential

Thanks to modern science, the effects of serious health issues like diabetes mellitus, coronary disease and cancer can be reduced, and often even entirely prevented. Regardless of whether it is an issue of prevention or treatment, proper nutrition and exercise are absolutely essential.

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